Your business relies on having a reliable modern hybrid network infrastructure to enable your essential business services and applications. And while a great deal of time and energy goes into the selection and deployment of various networking technologies to build that infrastructure, your operational policies and procedures have likely grown up from much simpler times and are undoubtedly labor-intensive, error-prone, and highly inefficient. In fact, your network operations function has been under stress for years, and while most IT professionals will readily admit that fact, they typically feel powerless to do something about it because of the chaos they live in every day. Something has to change.

NetBrain’s award-winning Problem Diagnosis Automation System is that change. Through comprehensive auto-discovery and integration of third-party network data sources, the NetBrain system becomes the single source of truth and will visualize your entire hybrid network in real-time. And with its integrated automation engine, network operations become a process-driven and repeatable extension of your ITSM strategy. Your NetOps teams solve problems faster using scalable processes, with a higher level of consistency and at a lower cost.

Integrating IT Service Management with NetBrain

NetBrain Next-Gen provides out-of-the-box integration with your ITSM workflows, regardless of the way you have implemented those workflows. Whether you are using email notifications or Microsoft Teams Chat interactively, or have tightly integrated API-driven service desks (including ServiceNow and BMC Remedy), NetBrain provides the means to leverage its intelligence, visualization and network automation out of the box. Regardless of the mechanisms you are using, NetBrain springs into action the moment any interaction begins and creates all of the context needed to resolve problems quickly, consistently and in a scalable fashion.

ITSM Automation

Enforce the Intents of Your Network

NetBrain’s intent-based automation takes NetOps further by adding the context of your business applications to your network topology and its operation. By doing so, the performance of your network can be evaluated relative to its ability to provide any number of specific business services. For example, a network might be fine at delivering web traffic but may suffer when trying to create a rich-sounding VoIP environment. NetBrain’s use of network intents is your assurance that the devices you have deployed are servicing all of the applications which are relying on it.

NetBrain Next-Gen continuously enforces network intents. This prevents new business application services from impacting existing business services. The intents detect and address abnormal network behaviors before they can affect the production network.

Maintain Compliance

NetBrain Next-Gen is powered by an advanced discovery engine that understands every aspect of your digital infrastructure in real-time giving you accurate documentation needed to maintain regulatory compliance and speed audit preparation. By continuously maintaining network configuration, topology, state and condition with updated maps and an exact digital twin of your network, it helps you isolate network issues in real-time for fast problem diagnosis of any ticket. A single interface allows for live collaboration.

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