Your business relies on modern hybrid network infrastructures to run essential services. However, your operational policies and procedures are labor and time-intensive, error-prone, and highly inefficient. As your organization grows, so must your network. When problems occur, solving them becomes more expensive.

Don’t let inefficient network operations inhibit business effectiveness. A lack of network visibility and accessible troubleshooting for both simple and complex operational issues can slow your business down.

NetBrain Problem Diagnosis Automation System lets you solve problems faster so you can focus on supporting the business.

Increase the Value of ITSM Across the Ticket Lifecycle

NetBrain Problem Diagnosis Automation System (PDAS) provides out-of-the-box integration with your ITSM system, acting the moment a problem occurs by reducing the upfront time spent on repetitive diagnostics and investigatory tasks. A library of pre-built automation lets any operator troubleshoot the most common problems giving them a head start. By integrating network operations automation into your ITSM workflows, PDAS significantly reduces the duration and overhead needed to service operational tickets.

Enforce the Intents of Your Network

Intent-based automation increases the autonomy of your network and reduces service ticket volume. NetBrain PDAS continuously enforces network intent to provide proactive network assurance. This prevents new business application services from impacting existing business services. The intents detect and address abnormal network behaviors before they can affect the production network.

Maintain Compliance

PDAS is powered by an advanced discovery engine that understands every aspect of your digital infrastructure in real-time giving you accurate documentation needed to maintain regulatory compliance and speed audit preparation. By continuously maintaining network configuration, topology, state and condition with updated maps and an exact digital twin of your network, it helps you isolate network issues in real-time for fast problem diagnosis of any ticket. A single interface allows for live collaboration.

Reduce MTTR with NetBrain and ServiceNow

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NetOps & ITSM Working Together

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