NetBrain’s Change Management adds a failsafe to ensure compliance with your network design. By leveraging intent-based automation, Network Operations teams can confidently execute network configuration changes at scale without unplanned side effects to business applications and services.


Identify and Benchmark Intent

all the network components involved in the delivery of applications or services in the changing scope.

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Verify Intent After Change

all pre-defined and newly introduced Network Intents have been preserved during the change.

Safeguard Network Changes

Sometimes successful changes inadvertently undermine services outside the scope of the change, NetBrain easily identifies this and reverts any changes to prevent outages.

Preserve Application Delivery

Easily identify services involved with each device and validate topology, state, and performance with application-level Network Intents.

Rollback to Mitigate Unintended Changes

Built-in rollback allows you to immediately mitigate unexpected changes to quickly undo them to prevent outages and downtime.

Leverage Intents

Go beyond basic change management by checking any impact to the intent of the network design.

Speed Configuration Updates

Automate configuration and validation for more efficient and verifiable change management. No more scripting! And when complete, NetBrain automatically updates your network documentation as part of its digital twin technology.

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Leverage No-Code Templates

Drag-and-drop configuration templates eliminate human error and oversights. Maintain standardized configurations across network for all devices.

Automate Changes

Compose and arrange changes and deploy them to intended devices with one click. No need to write exhaustive or per-device scripts.

Visualize Infrastructure Changes

Interact with all managed devices in real-time enabling the visualization of any device-level change on the IT services it delivers.

Maintain Design Compliance

Automation leveraging Network Intents supports more efficient and verifiable change management to help preserve the desired network behaviors and maintain compliance with enterprise architecture, design, and security standards. NetBrain acts as your Quality Assurance department displaying any unexpected impacts resulting from changes.

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Visualize Dependencies

Quickly see and verify existing applications, traffic flows, and the network components they rely on.

Avoid Misconfiguration

Proactively guard against misconfiguration through automatic validation of network changes against “golden” baselines.

Maintain Network Intent

Confidently make changes while maintaining architectural design standards.

Prepare for Audits with Confidence

NetBrain makes it easy to prepare for network audits by keeping track of every change with detail including impacted devices, execution logs, and benchmark data.

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Keep Detailed Records

Automatically record all changes for future audit with complete details, impacted devices, execution logs, and benchmark data.

ITSM-Integrated Approvals

Trigger approvals from 3rd-party ticket systems (ServiceNow) for network changes and status updates. Or, leverage internal approval process.

Export Quickly for Audits

Export changes to Word while adhering to existing business approval processes.