NetBrain Security Advisory

Update on Recent 3rd Party Supply Chain Attacks

We learned of the sophisticated supply chain attack involving Solarwinds that has impacted a number of networks. As a trusted partner you use to manage your networks, we want to provide an update as to our actions during this time to identify and mitigate any potential risks.

First, we have verified that our internal use of SolarWinds is not compromised. We have taken additional precautions to fully disable or isolate all instances of Orion within our environment.

Second, we continually assess, monitor, and improve our systems and software to protect them from potential attacks. As part of this, we closely follow threat intelligence sources and respond appropriately when novel threats or vulnerabilities are identified.

Third, we have included resources to help you further harden your NetBrain installation and provided locations of audit logs to help you assess any potential impact of the attack to the NetBrain system.

  • NetBrain Audit Logs (to identify Username, Machine Name, IP Address of all access and activity to the application):
    How to enable audit logs
  • Exporting Usage Reports
  • Check to see if Authentication Integration is enabled in NetBrain – Click here.
  • For additional data security, NetBrain does not require an external connection to the internet.

Lastly, we recommend updating endpoint protection/antivirus and intrusion prevention on all NetBrain servers.

We will continue the efforts to identify and mitigate any potential risks as more details unfold from SolarWinds breach and will update you as soon as we have new information.  As always, we are here to support you. Please don’t hesitate to contact your NetBrain contact or [email protected] for any questions you may have.



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