From Human-Centric to Automation-Centric Network Operations

Live Webinar | May 18, 2021 at 10:00 am GMT

“On the day mankind flies a helicopter on Mars, NetOps still rely on manual CLI.” (David Elevique, EMEA Presales Engineering Director at NetBrain Technologies)

Never have we seen technology play such an important part in business activities and everyday life. This has been driven by the efficiencies, cost savings and convenience leveraging technology can bring.

Network operations has historically depended on manual processes, legacy tools and operational silos. Today we can see it has fallen behind compared to other IT segments. As a result, businesses are facing major challenges while still using a human-centric approach. It is almost impossible, and costly, to scale manual processes along with the growth and complexity of the network today, yet companies still fail to exploit the advantages that network automation provides.

In this webinar we will show you why your business needs network automation and how it can rapidly improve your NetOps game. Join this session to learn how to

    • Reduce manual work & human error
    • Lower operational costs & avoid reputation damage
    • Accelerate incident response & improve network resiliency

During the session we will discuss several use cases on how automation helped our customers to improve their network processes by over 90% highlighting the benefits businesses gained.

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