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Top-10 Predictions for NetOps in 2023

by Mark Harris Dec 13, 2022

With 2023 right around the corner, it’s a good time to spend a minute thinking about how the world of NetOps will likely change over the coming year as we continue global reconfigurations due to health and safety, political, and socio-economic pressures. No one would disagreed that the last year has proven to be one of tremendous uncertainty and progressive recovery, with so many of the world’s ‘new norms’ still being investigated, designed and embraced. And while the pandemic has changed the world forever, the role of IT in business has never been more essential. Sure, new styles of computing continue to present themselves, but NetOps itself is changing for a long list of reasons…. not just due to hardware and software.

So here it is:

My TOP-10 list of predictions for NetOps in 2023

(in no particular order)