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How to Maintain Network Adaptability and Scalability in a Zero Trust Landscape

by Claudio Pallais Aug 1, 2023

If your organization had not already jumped on the “Zero Trust” bandwagon by the time the work-from-home era began in earnest, federal adoption of strict standards in 2021 meant that, by now, your team is either fully implementing the best zero trust security practices or not competing in the government market space.

The spark of inspiration that led to the development of NetBrain Intent-Based Network Automation was all about helping IT organizations grapple with the ever-changing landscape of communications technology.

After years of carefully optimizing and designing your network for agility and application performance, adding a zero trust security approach presents an interesting challenge: how to maintain a dynamic IT environment—flexible network architecture continually adapting to end-user demand—with security policies that never assume the intent of said end users, nor allow any form of access implicitly.