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Prevent These 5 Outages with No-Code Network Automation

by Valerie Dimartino May 22, 2024

What’s yours? 4? 5? We all have one. What’s your uptime target?

If you’re in IT, you’ve surely had the “nines” conversation with your leadership team or directly with customers. How many “nines” deep is your availability goal?

“5 nines” means service should be available 99.999% of the time. That leaves only 5 minutes of downtime per year before you breach your SLAs. Ideally, your network should never go down.

So what’s your strategy to avoid network outages? NetBrain believes automation is the key to a 5-nine (and above) strategy: a continuous assessment of your entire multi-vendor network for the most common root causes of downtime.

What are those? Well, here’s 5 of the most common root causes that concern NetBrain customers and how to prevent them with no-code automation.