Network Troubleshooting Through No-Code Automation

Network Troubleshooting has long been practiced as a compilation of manual and labor-intensive processes based on the assigned engineer’s skills and experience. Resolutions are inconsistent and time-consuming, and escalations are commonplace.  But it doesn’t have to be.  

NetBrain Next-Gen is the industry’s most advanced hybrid network automation platform that enables your subject matter experts to transform their operational experience into executable automation in minutes- all without a single line of code. NetBrain makes troubleshooting faster and more accurate, enabling the most common problems to be solved once and then applied automatically.  

 Let us show you:

  • Starting with creating a dynamic map of the area, we’ll show you how to leverage your organization’s stored experiential knowledge to address any network issue.  
  • We’ll work through problem resolution when it is powered by automation, and show you how easy it is to create an incident dashboard for on-going usage  
  • And we’ll show you how automation can eliminate up to half of all reported issues by automatically closing tickets for problems that are no longer present.  

NetBrain’s No-Code Network Automation changes the entire complexion of network operations. It can be built into every major type of work conducted by the operations team, and delivers real results in minutes, not months. Watch the webinar now!