NetBrain No-Code Hackathon – Episode 1 – Grand Finale!!! 



The NetBrain No-Code Automation Hackathon is a 4-week incredible journey, where NetBrain Power User Graduates get to showcase their skills in solving real-life network challenges. On the first week of November, we released 4 challenges in the Map & Design, Auto Diagnosis, Network Assessment, and Safe Change categories. 

Over the past month, we witnessed a display of talent and determination as contestants dove into the world of network troubleshooting, armed with the power of no-code automation. Multivendor technologies added an extra layer of complexity, turning this into a true test of skill and adaptability. 

Watch the Grand Finale Answer Reveal Webinar of the NetBrain No-Code Automation Hackathon – Episode 1! Whether you were in the trenches, battling real-world challenges, or simply curious about the remarkable feats accomplished, this is an event you will not want to miss. 

Discover who earned the prestigious awards. We will also disclose the overall leader board, displaying the top performers who conquered the challenges and emerged as true network wizards.