No-Code Network Automation: Introducing NetBrain Next-Gen

Scaling NetOps through automated change, troubleshooting, and outage prevention

NetBrain Next-Gen automates protected change, automated diagnosis, and problem-prevention journeys for your hybrid-cloud network. No-code network automation breaks down programming barriers by deciphering the network behaviors to stay in lock step with the business throughout its lifetime.

Scalable no-code network automation is more efficient, intelligently leveraging a powerful global automation catalog of intents and maps to intuitively guide you to assemble (not code) automation grouped by your network assets.

NetBrain Next-Gen simplifies no-code network automation capabilities to include:

  • Intuitive creation, replication, customization, and utilization of intent-based automation through a powerful global automation catalog… all without a single line of code.
  • The ability to proactively prevent problems across hybrid-cloud networks.
  • Recursive, template-powered auto-replication of intents on demand for efficient troubleshooting.
  • A new Automation Bot that enables anyone to quickly diagnose network issues and share with others without any help, NetBrain know-how or even a license.
  • Outcome-focused dashboards that identify where optimization is occurring, and where specific operational problems are being detected including network health across the hybrid cloud, security compliance, configuration and design violations, capacity planning, and performance trend analysis.