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NetBrain Launches Release 11
Powered by Its Patented Network Intent Technology

Feb 22, 2022


NetBrain’s intent-based automation platform addresses 95% of all network service tickets and applies preventive measures to up to 50% of all network problems.

NetBrain Technologies, Inc, the leading network-intent-based automation and visibility solution provider for hybrid networks, has unveiled the fourth generation of its product with a new Release 11 powered by its patented Network Intent technologies. NetBrain is unique in the industry as it enables operations to define network intent without having to write a single line of code that documents and enforces baseline intents. By understanding the intents of any hybrid network, the NetBrain PDA System will dramatically reduce the time needed to diagnose network problems. Furthermore, it is a powerful way to enforce design rules and compliance policy to prevent human error-induced outages.

Large enterprises typically manage thousands of network service tickets per month, ranging from the simplest of tasks to complete outage situations. With an average Mean-Time-To-Repair of several hours, the impact to business due to network downtime adds up quickly. The PDA system gathers its intelligence from an online auto-discovery engine and offline ticket analysis process, where tens of thousands of network intents are built without a single line of code. The system will then be applied to problem diagnosis by automatically analyzing the deviation of the intents from the baseline. Since about 95% of the problems are identical or similar in nature, NetBrain can drastically reduce the network diagnosis time for most tickets. Triggered by an early-warning detection system, the intent-based diagnosis can proactively monitor a complex network and prevent outages caused by a human misconfiguration or performance degradation. As many as 50% of network problems are preventable, and Release 11 makes that attainable.

NetBrain, which serves more than 2500 accounts globally, including a third of the Fortune 100, developed its intent-based network automation and the PDA System to help companies move from tactical, reactive network operations to strategic, scalable automation of problem remediation and prevention. With network resources already heavily constrained due to global economic conditions and staffing pressures, it is imperative to make this operational transition quickly, from operator-centric to automation-centric.

“NetBrain Release 11 uniquely focuses on problem diagnosis for automating Day 2 network operations, using business intents as its management framework. In addition, Release 11 allows NetOps teams to leverage subject matter expertise to reduce escalations and reach faster problem resolution, even when a subject matter expert is not available,” says Shamus McGillicuddy, VP Network Management, EMA Research. “NetBrain Release 11 goes one step further by tightly integrating with ITSM systems to respond to service incidents as soon as they happen, thereby reducing overall MTTR and eliminating the tedium associated with diagnostics.”

NetBrain Release 11 extends the reach of existing ITSM and data monitoring systems through integration with those systems, including ServiceNow and BMC Remedy. The NetBrain PDA System begins working on problems the moment they occur, in most cases long before technical resources are assigned. Uniquely, NetBrain understands the intention of what is needed, conducts automatic diagnosis based on desired intent, and then populates its findings directly in the ITSM provider’s service ticket. Finally, NetBrain captures additional operator-led problem resolution and makes those resolutions repeatable and sharable across any organization, all without the need for code or programming of any type. This intent-based automation significantly reduces the MTTRs being seen as well saving a typical enterprise millions of dollars per month on operational resources.

“The industry needs a new way of thinking to operate today’s complex hybrid networks – based on business intents, instead of the legacy way of managing networks device-by-device as it has been for the past 40 years. NetBrain’s Release 11 intent-based system makes operations more agile by allowing enterprises to more efficiently manage their multi-vendor, multi-cloud networks to meet business requirements, reduce costs and achieve true end-to-end control,” said Lingping Gao, CEO, and Founder of NetBrain. “It took us many years of innovation to achieve this milestone. This release delivers a significant advancement in the industry by introducing a powerful problem diagnosis automation system for operating end-to-end physical, virtual, SDN, SD-WAN and cloud networks by business intents.”

NetBrain Release 11 introduces a host of industry-first capabilities that change the entire paradigm for managing hybrid networks through the use of network intents:


About NetBrain Technologies
Founded in 2004, NetBrain is the market leader for NetOps automation, providing network engineers with intent-based automation and dynamic visibility across their hybrid networks without the need for coding. Today, more than 2,500 of the world’s largest enterprises and managed service providers use NetBrain to automate network operations for greater performance and reliability of service. NetBrain is headquartered in Burlington, Massachusetts, with locations in London, United Kingdom; Munich, Germany; Toronto, Canada; and Beijing, China. For more information, visit http://www.netbrain.com.