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NetBrain is the inventor of Computer-Aided Network Engineering (CANE) software.

Since our founding in 2004, our mission has been to make network management simple and visual with transformational technology. In the real world, running enterprise-grade networks requires a high level of skill and knowledge from network professionals. Our innovative solutions focus on simplifying and reducing the efforts associated with designing, documenting and troubleshooting complex networks by employing a tool everyone knows how to use – a map.

NetBrain’s map-based automation technology empowers networking professionals with improved information to make better decisions about their networks.

Some of the world’s most prestigious companies, including British Telecom, Fidelity Investments and Thomson Reuters, leverage the power of NetBrain SmartMap technology to discover, document and troubleshoot their networks. Leveraging NetBrain for everyday collaboration, our customers tell us that NetBrain Workstation is the most innovative and effective solution they have ever come across.

NetBrain is headquartered near Boston, Massachusetts, with offices in New York City, New York and Beijing, China.

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