Automated Documentation

Instantly build customized diagrams and reports

Visual Troubleshooting

Automate hundreds of diagnoses without any scripting

Automated Change Verification

Validate the impact a change has before it causes an outage

See What Dynamic Documentation Can Do

NetBrain issues thousands of commands during its network discovery, to build a rich mathematical model of the network’s design.
The resulting data is embedded within every dynamic diagram and exportable to MS Visio, Word, or Excel.


  • Create Documentation On-Demand

    • Need to map a critical application flow?

      Get a targeted layer-3 and layer-2 map every hop of the way. Just specify a source and destination. NetBrain will do the rest.

    • Need to see where a server is connected?

      Search for the server and create a layer-2 map from the search results.

    • Want a shared Visio repository?

      NetBrain can export any diagram with one-click and keep it up-to-date automatically.

  • Discover and Analyze a Complex Network

    • NetBrain collects design data from the network as part of a deep network discovery. Recurring benchmarks keep the data up-to-date.

    • Zoom into a dynamic diagram to access rich design and configuration data, as well as detailed device attributes.

    • Instantly visualize routing design, spanning-tree status, multicasting configuration and more - with one-click highlighting.

  • Automate Network Compliance Tasks

    • Maintain up-to-date diagrams of network topology required for compliance audits.

    • Generate detailed inventory and audit reports of network infrastructure.

    • Automatically run compliance verification tests to demonstrate and validate adherence.

  • Document Network Inventory and Design

    • Need documentation for design reviews or collaboration? With one-click, you can generate a design document in Microsoft Word or a detailed inventory report in Excel.

    • Documents and reports can be customized to provide the information you need - whether it's a specific design, or a customized inventory.

Accelerate Troubleshooting in a Visual Environment

When there's an outage, every minute counts. NetBrain can drastically accelerate troubleshooting by helping you visualize the problem area, automate hundreds of diagnoses, and quickly detect recent changes.


  • Troubleshoot Slow Applications Faster

    • Looking for a bandwidth bottleneck? Map the application flow and turn on monitoring to visualize memory and bandwidth utilization.

    • Wonder what the application flow looked like last week? Leverage a network snapshot from last week to see if it’s changed.

    • For hundreds of other network faults, drill-down the cause with Automation Procedure to fix the problem faster.

  • Troubleshoot an Unstable Network

    • Visualize flapping devices and interfaces on the diagram with NetBrain’s ‘Overall Health Check’ diagnosis.

    • Looking for a flapping route? Open a device’s route table and sort by age to find the route with the smallest age.

    • If you suspect interface errors are increasing, run the interface diagnosis to see incrementing errors or configuration mismatches right on the map.

  • Troubleshoot Multicasting

    • Multicasting design is no longer difficult to visualize. With one-click, you can highlight the map to reflect the multicasting mode configured on each interface.

    • Verify Multicasting operation by visualizing Reverse Path Forwarding (RPF checks) on the map

    • Instantly Map a Dynamic Distribution Tree, using either Live or historic network data.

  • Diagnose VoIP Call Quality

    • Use the IP SLA Toolkit to emulate VoIP traffic across a live network.

    • Measure real-time packet drop, delay, and jitter to determine VoIP readiness or troubleshoot VoIP quality

    • Customize an Automation Procedure to calculate the MOS score to effectively measure the voice quality.


Have More Confidence in Your Network Changes

NetBrain's Change Management module can help you deploy configuration updates across many devices at once, without scripting. After changes are made, verify the impact they had across the network by leveraging historical snapshots and comparative analysis.


  • Perform Network Upgrades with Confidence

    • To deploy configuration changes across the network with one-click, first define a configuration template and identify the impacted devices and interfaces.

    • To ensure the changes didn't have an adverse affect on the network, compare config files, route tables, and more to a snapshot of the network from before the changes were made.

  • Safely Migrate a Data Center

    • Discover and document the existing data center without tracing any cables.

    • Plan the network change inside NetBrain’s visual workbench and execute the changes systematically without fat-fingering a single command.

    • Automatically test reachability, routing, and topology of the network after the migration.

  • Manage Effective Change Reviews

    • Model network changes by dragging config files onto a new or existing NetBrain diagram.

    • Describe proposed changes inside the map with built-in note-taking and data-collection mechanisms

    • Automatically implement and document changes. NetBrain’s change documentation engine catalogs the entire change process in a single MS Word document.


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