Cleaning Up Domain Access Issues

Creating and maintaining a domain with all devices properly discovered is the key to keep system data up-to-date to guarantee data accuracy and further utilize advanced features, such as path and map.

Fine Tune provides an overview of how devices are discovered, where you can get started to fix all the access issues. The devices listed in each category are updated as soon as a discovery task is completed, including both the on-demand discovery and the scheduled discovery. It’s recommended to check and maintain in the Fine Tune at least once a week or whenever a discovery task is completed.

1.In the Domain Management page, click Fine Tune on the Start Page or select Operations > Fine Tune from the quick access toolbar.

2.Resolve the issues under the following categories:

Discovered by SNMP Only — the devices accessed by SNMP but failed to be accessed via SSH/Telnet.

Unknown IP — the IP addresses that cannot be accessed via Telnet/SSH and SNMP in the Discover via Seed Routers method during a discovery.

Missed Devices — the devices existing in the current domain but failed to be verified during a discovery.

Unclassified Network Devices — the devices whose types are marked as Unclassified Device in the Vendor Model table, or not recognized due to unknown sysObjectIDs.

Unknown SNMP SysObjectID — the devices whose SysObjectIDs are not defined in the Vendor Model table.

Discovered Devices — the devices discovered successfully during a discovery.

SSH Fingerprint Check Failed — the devices whose current fingerprint keys are different with the latest ones retrieved during live access.

MPLS Cloud — used to enable A-B path across a vendor supplied MPLS network.

Hostname-Changed Device — the device whose hostname is changed and exists with more than one hostname in a domain.


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