Webinar Recap: Event-Triggered Network Automation

September 10, 2019

Ed. note: The following transcript has been drawn from the on-demand recording — no registration needed or form to fill out — of  NetBrain’s Just in Time Automation for IT Operations webinar. Jason Baudreau, NetBrain VP of NetBrain, is your host. 

Let’s start with automation at the moment an event is occurring — event-triggered automation.

Looking at a typical workflow, we’ll take a look at the first-engineer response. These teams are typically overworked, and they’re understaffed. A large percentage of these tickets are closed without any resolution. Oftentimes, teams use a code like NTF (for “no trouble found”), and this usually indicates that a problem is intermittent and can’t be replicated. So the challenge is that the majority of these issues will resurface again  . . . and again . . . until someone is able to capture the data in real time or replicate the problem.

With automation, the crime scene can be captured at the moment of the event.

For example, by integrating NetBrain with a console like SolarWinds or a ticketing system like ServiceNow, a problem area can be documented automatically in what we call a Dynamic Map. And a predefined diagnosis can be initiated at that same instant. So it might be at 2 a.m. that there’s a bandwidth spike, or there’s a failover event. Now when the first engineer arrives on the scene, they’re picking up a ticket that’s already enriched with the resulting diagnostic and the map of the problem area.

When Jerry gets to the trouble ticket, it’s already been enriched with a map of the problem area and automated diagnosis.

No human should touch a ticket before automation addresses it first.

So we believe that a human in fact shouldn’t have to touch a ticket as that first-line response, but instead automation should be the first response. Sometimes we call this “tier 0 response” — basically, done by a bot instead of a human.

See a demo of how Event-Triggered Automation works in practice

Note: The live demo of what NetBrain Event-Triggered Automation looks like in action begins at 1:45.

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Or watch the entire  Just in Time Automation for IT Operations webinar on-demand recording — no registration needed or form to fill out.

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