• Document Your Study Lab Automatically
  • Accelerate Your Learning for Cisco Certification
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In order to pass your Cisco Certification exam, you are required to memorize countless technical details. The best way to do this is to practice your skills over and over again across many labs. Unfortunately, without a way to document your labs, a lot of what you practiced is still forgotten.

NetBrain Personal Edition can help you document your labs automatically, by allowing you to:

  • Discover devices and create rich diagrams from your configuration data
  • Automatically capture, organize, and annotate show command results
  • Take notes alongside the map with the built-in Notes tab

Once your lab is fully documented inside a NetBrain Qmap, you can review it down the road without the hassle of having to rebuild it. When you're done, share your Qmap with your study group so everyone can benefit.

Personal Edition Highlights
How to Discover Your Cisco Lab

Use Qmap to Document Your Lab Step-by-Step

Instantly create a map cataloging each step of your practice lab. NetBrain's Design Reader engine automatically parses your device configuration and organizes it by protocol. You can quickly annotate the map with relevant config snippets to document and remember important configuration.

Automatically Document
Show Commands for Your Cisco Lab

Capture Show Command Output Automatically

It is extremely helpful to review show-command data in order to learn from your lab. Now you can automatically capture and annotate this data to highlight critical knowledge. Results are automatically organized into data folders. You can even insert links to important results directly inside the map.

Create Notes Side-by-Side with the Map

It would be great to combine all your documentation and data into a single place. With the built-in notes tab, you can create detailed notes that include config snippets, show-command output, and external resources, all accessible directly from the map.

Collaborate Towards Cisco Certification

Often, members of a study group will individually create labs from the same workbook. Many labs address redundant material so a lot of setup time is wasted repeating steps. Instead, divide the lab workload. Document your lab with a Qmap, and share it with the group. As a result, everyone can master the same skills in less time.

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