CLI automation is used to retrieve device data by executing specified CLI commands. This automation action is highly customizable, and you can execute different commands on different devices, not limited to the existing devices on a map.

In addition, you can use a parser to parse key metrics from the outputs, monitor them on a map, and see displayed alert if target parser variable deviates from the Golden Baseline. You can also compare CLI command outputs between two time points to view the comparison result.

1.On a map, select Execute CLI Commands from the right-click menu, or select Actions > Execute CLI Commands from the map toolbar. The Runbook pane is opened with the Execute CLI Command node added.

Tip: If a runbook has already been opened, the Execute CLI Commands node will be added to the current runbook; otherwise, it will be added to personal runbook.

2.Select target devices. By default, this action applies to all existing devices on the map. To customize target devices, click the icon.

3.Use either of the following ways to add CLI commands.

Single Command (Simple CLI) enter a CLI command and click Run. By default, the Simple CLI mode is selected, which means only one CLI command can be executed at one time on each target device.

Multiple Commands (Batch CLI)enter the CLI command and click Add repeatedly to add multiple CLI commands. By default, all the commands in the list will be executed for all target devices. To add a CLI command for a specific device, select the device in the device list, enter the command, and click Add.

Tip: To add commands by using templates, click the icon and select Load CLI Templates. You can also create your own command template. See CLI Template for more details.

4.After the execution is finished, select a device and a CLI command to view its output.

5.(Optional) Select a parser to parse variables from the CLI command outputs and monitor them on the map.

1)Select a parser from the list.

Tip: The system will use device types of all target devices and specified CLI commands to search for available parsers from the Parser Library and populate them in the list. If only one parser in the Parser Library is matched, the parser will be auto-selected.

Tip: With the Golden Baseline defined for the variable in the CLI command result, alert is displayed if the variable deviates from the Golden Baseline. Click 1 of 1 Alerts to view more details.

2)Click Select Variable to select variables that can be parsed from the outputs.

3)Click Start to monitor the variables on the map. You can also edit the monitor frequency or click the icon to add more variables.

4)Click Alert to browse the alerts if any. You can also click Show Output Console to view more outputs.

6.(Optional) Click Compare to compare the CLI command output between two time points for a specific device.

Tip: To save an action node and its input for reuse, point to it and click the icon to select Save as Favorite.


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