The goal of tuning is to provide accurate and up-to-date network data for daily operations. It is essential to maintain the domain data and the system regularly.

To keep the domain data and the system healthy, the operations listed in the following table are needed. The Expected Result column indicates a good status of the domain.



Expected Result

Data Maintenance (Weekly Tasks)

Clean Up Domain Access Issues

Resolve all managed devices under the following categories:

Unknown IPs

Missed Devices

Discovered by SNMP

Unknown SNMP SysObjectID

Unclassified Network Devices

Resolve Duplicated IP and Subnet

IP Conflicted = 0

Verify Benchmark/Discovery Task Result

Last Result = Succeeded

Tune Live Access

Login = 0 Failed

Clean Up Unassigned Site Members

Unassigned site members = 0

Browse Map Update Result

All updates succeeded

System Maintenance (Monthly Tasks)

Cleaning Domain Data

MongoDB disk space utilization < 70%

Customize Auto-Update Schedule

Current resource = Latest version

Monitor Server and Service Metrics

Status = Connected

Services = Green (Running)

CPU/Mem utilization < 70%