Using Splunk to trigger the creation of NetBrain map and the execution of NetBrain runbook for a specified network issue is an integral component of the NetBrain automation solution. With Splunk integration, whenever a network symptom is captured by Splunk, NetBrain will be triggered to create a map that includes problem devices and execute runbook to collect and analyze network data at the time of the event, providing critical references for the troubleshooting.


Splunk – A software product that searches, monitors, and analyzes saved network machine data, such as syslog. It is widely used in network troubleshooting scenario.

Splunk App – A Splunk App is an extension function that using for specified works. In this case, it can be created by NetBrain to achieve API trigger works.

API Stub – A function that NetBrain provides to respond to API requests. Users can define how to create map and what runbook will be run by API Stub UI.

Webhook – A technology that pushes information from one application to another. In this case, we use Webhook to push Splunk data to NetBrain.

Event Template – A function that NetBrain provides to respond to a specified event, which is from 3rd party tool or NetBrain internal. The event template use script to handle different events.