The Splunk App can be used to integrate your NetBrain Workstation with Splunk.

1.Install Splunk App

2.Define Alert Actions

Install Splunk App

NetBrain offers two types of Splunk Apps for different deployment scenarios:

NetBrain Automation (Single-Domain): used for single Tenant/Domain deployment

oSingle Domain App Setting:

NetBrain Automation (Multi-Domain): used for multiple Tenants/Domains deployment.

oMultiple Domain App Setting:

Define Alert Action

After the Splunk App setup is installed, you can select NetBrain alert action to define how to create map and execute Runbook Template when Splunk generates alert. NetBrain provides the following alert actions:

1.NetBrain Automation – Device

2.NetBrain Automation – Multi-Devices

3.NetBrain Automation – Existing Map

4.NetBrain Automation – Site

5.NetBrain Automation – Path

6.NetBrain Automation – ACI


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