An event template is a customized executor in the NetBrain system to process events from a specified 3rd-party system, including mapping problem areas and executing runbooks based on predefined event conditions. With this feature, you only need to define general event templates in the NetBrain system, and they will process event analysis when receiving the 3rd-party events. An event template is supposed to process events from a third-party system and you can create different event templates to process events from different third-party systems.
Figure: Event Template Data Flow

The following steps describe a high-level flow to define event-driven diagnosis tasks using an event template:

1.In a third-party system, send all events generated by the system to your NetBrain domain via APIs. See Configuring Third-party System to Send Events to NetBrain for details.

2.In your NetBrain system, define an event template to match events from the third-party system and process the events based on event conditions, such as mapping problem devices and executing a runbook to collect network data and troubleshoot issues. See Defining Event Templates to Process Events in NetBrain for details.