Using Feature Intent Template to Create Automation Assets

Feature Intent Template is a declaration of the NetBrain resources that can be created and run based on device feature match. The main contents of the template are stored as a text file with format complies with the YAML standard.

By analyzing the config line patterns, Feature Intent Template helps to decode various network technologies from device configuration files, perform exact match on the interested device, and store the key parameters in the line pattern for further use. Feature Intent Template can also help you quickly identify the devices running on certain network technologies (BGP, QOS, Multicasting etc.) across the entire network, create the related NetBrain automation resources (DVT represents BGP design, Flash Probe represents BGP neighbor check, etc.), and define the respective running methods (schedule run or triggered by flash probes) in NetBrain system to further scale NetBrain’s troubleshooting automation solutions.

Feature Intent Template is a powerful tool that can be used to create/install the following NetBrain automation assets:

Automation assets can be created:  

oFlash Probe

oNetwork Intent

oData View Template

oRunbook (Currently CLI Nodes only)

oGolden Baseline

Automation assets can be installed to run:

oNetwork Intent triggered by Flash Probe

oSchedule Network Intent (triggered by timer-based Flash Probe)

oSchedule Data View Template

oSchedule Parser

oSchedule CLI

The main user flow of Feature Intent Template consists of the following steps:

1.Defining Feature Intent Template

2.Testing Feature Intent Template

3.Running Feature Intent Template

4.Viewing Automation Assets Created by Feature Intent Template

Tip: To learn more about Feature Intent Template, refer to Feature Intent Template Tutorial.