Example: Create a scheduled task to run the Qapp Overall Health Check [SNMP] from scratch.

1.Log in to the Domain Management page.

Tip: Qapp Scheduler can also be accessed from the Start Menu.

2.In the Domain Management page, click Schedule Task on the Start Page or select Operations > Schedule Task from the quick access toolbar.

3.On the Schedule Qapp tab, click Add Task.

4.Follow the wizard to configure the Qapp task.

1)On the Basic Info tab, enter the task name Basic Health Check [SNMP].

2)On the Target Devices tab, select Add Site > My Network, and click OK.

Tip: If you select an existing path, the devices along this path will be treated as target devices when the path is successfully calculated.

3)On the Select Qapp tab, click Select and choose the Overall Health Check [SNMP] Qapp, then click OK.

4)On the Time Settings tab, set the execution time and frequency. In this case, set the frequency to Daily.

Note: The time zone settings refer to the time zone of NetBrain Web Server.

5)On the Output tab, click Submit.

Note: For Qapps that can generate alerts, configuring Email Server Settings are required before alerting emails can be sent.


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