Map Data View Manager is used to centralize and manage all map data views saved within a map page.

Browsing Map Data Views

1.On a map, click the icon behind the applied data view name at the upper-right corner of the map.

2.Click Manage. The Map Data View Manager opens on a new tab page with all available data view groups listed.

3.Click a map data view group in the left pane, and all included devices are listed under the Details tab. By default, the value of each data unit of a device is displayed on its position. You can click Show Properties to only show the data unit name. See Browsing Static Data Views in Data View Manager for more details.

4.Select a data view in the left pane and click the Updated Records tab to view the updated records of the data view.

Deleting a Map Data View

To delete a map data view, right-click it in the left pane and then select Delete from the drop-down menu. See Deleting a Static Data View for more details.


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