Viewing and Understanding Execution Tree

Opening Execution Tree

Viewing and Understanding Execution Tree

Opening Execution Tree

1.Open the IBA Dashboard.

2.Click a device in the device list, the Execution Tree will be activated.

Note: The Execution Tree displays the intent-based automation details of the selected device.

Tip: To view the Execution Tree side by side with the map, you can click to hide the IBA dashboard.

Viewing and Understanding Execution Tree

The Execution Tree will demonstrate all the probes and triggered intents for the selected device.




Only the latest execution results of the selected time range will be displayed in the execution tree.


The tags of the network intent can be used to narrow down to the interested network intents.


Users can quickly switch between different devices by using the drop-down menu.

The lower window shows the alert history during the selected time range.

Tip: You can click on the probe icon and network intents on the Execution Tree, and the results in the Alert History window will be filtered based on your selection.

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