The system provides two ways to manually define Golden Baseline for parser variables:

Define Golden Baseline on Map

Define Golden Baseline in Golden Baseline Manager

Define Golden Baseline Rules on Map

After applying a data view template to a map, you can define Golden Baseline Rule for parser variables, and apply the rules to devices/interfaces on the map. Moreover, the system allows applying a rule to multiple devices/interfaces, even for those not on the map or not of the same device type.

Tip: When Golden Baseline Rules are applied to other device types, the system will look up variable mappings to find out the corresponding variables of those devices.

Tip: When applying a data view template that includes an Input Variable, you can input different values for different devices. However, the Golden Baseline Rule for the Input Variable cannot be applied to other devices/interfaces.

Define Golden Baseline Rules in Golden Baseline Manager

In the Golden Baseline Manager, you can define Golden Baseline Rules for parser variables to a batch of devices/interfaces. The batch of devices/interfaces can be selected as per Device Type, Device Group or Site.