Logging in to Function Portal

Use either of the following two methods to log in to your function portal.

Username/Password Login – users with IE accounts or portal accounts can log in by using their usernames and passwords, or email addresses.

Access Code Login – both external users who do not have any accounts and IE/portal users can use an access code to log in.

Prerequisites: Access code login must have been enabled when power users set up the portal.

1.Log in to the Function Portal with the portal URL and access code published by co-workers.

2.Navigate to the following working areas to view the data in your portal.

Dynamic Map

A/B Path

One-IP Table

Note: By using an access code to log in, you will be recognized as an unknown user. You can select to create a profile for user recognition and use that profile as your identity. The user profile will be listed on the User Accounts > User Profiles for Portal tab in the System Management page.