Approving Registration Applications

A sign-up user cannot log in to the system until the request is approved by system administrators. When there are any registration applications, system administrators will receive a notification email.

Tip: Check Email Server Settings if you cannot receive notification emails.

1.Click the link in the notification email to log in to the System Management page.

2.In the System Management page, select the User Accounts tab.

3.Point to the target application and click Approve.

Tip: To reject an application, point to the target applicant and click Reject. Then enter the reason for the rejection and click Submit. A rejection email will be sent to the applicant.

4.Assign access permissions and user privileges to the applicant. See Creating User Accounts for details.

5.Click Submit. A welcome email will be sent to the applicant.

6.A confirmation dialog box prompts to ask if you want to add the email domain to the allow list, and click Yes. See Configuring Email Suffix Allow List for more details.


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