Connecting to a Device from Smart CLI Window

1.Open your local Smart CLI client.

2.Click the Connect tab and select New Connection.

3.Select the connection mode.

NetBrain Connection Log in to NetBrain IE first and then automatically log in to a device with credentials configured in the Private Network Settings of your NetBrain IE.

Direct Connection — Use the tool as a standalone SSH/Telnet client and log in to a device by manually inputting the credentials.

NetBrain Connection

When you select the NetBrain Connection mode, you need to first log in to one of your NetBrain domains and then search a device to automatically log in to it.

1.Check the NetBrain Connection radio.

2.Click Login to NetBrain.

3.In the Login to NetBrain dialog, enter your NetBrain server address, username, and password and click Login.

Note: SSO accounts cannot be used for the login to an IE system from the Smart CLI client.

4.In the New Connection dialog, select a domain from the Tenant/Domain drop-down list.

5.In the Hostname field, enter a hostname or management IP to search the device.

6.Click Connect.

Direct Connection

When you select the Direct Connection mode, you can log in to a device by manually inputting the credentials.

1.Check the Direct Connection radio.

2.In the Connection Name field, enter a name for this connection.

3.In the Hostname field, enter the IP address of the device that you want to access.

4.In the Protocol field, select Telnet or SSH. The system will automatically populate port number in the Port field based on the protocol selection.

5.Check the Save Connection option if you want to save the connection for the next use.

Tip: The connection is saved in the Session Manager, which stores the connection information about connection sessions, including connection, hostname, protocol and protocol port. You can open a connection session in the Session Manager to directly connect the device without having to re-enter these parameters. To open a saved session in the Session Manager, click Connect > Session Manager, and select the connection session to open it.

6.Click Connect and enter credentials to log in to the device.