Visualizing Cisco ACI Networks

With NetBrain, you can quickly visualize and understand a Cisco ACI fabric from the following aspects:

What you have in your Cisco ACI Fabric, such as ACI PODs, IPN, ISN and their topology.

The detail information about a node, such as properties, chassis, interfaces, and fabric extenders.

The overlay design over a Cisco ACI Fabric, such as logical layer dependency, and connectivity inside or outside an application.

More data information by applying data views.

Example: A Visualized Topology Map of a Cisco ACI Fabric.


Follow the steps below to visualize your ACI network:

1.Discovering ACI Data in NetBrain Domain

2.Auto-Update ACI Data in NetBrain through Benchmark

3.Understand the Network Structure of an ACI Fabric

4.View Nodes and Context Maps of an ACI Fabric

5.Understand the Application Deployment Over an ACI Fabric

6.Calculate A-B Paths Across an ACI Fabric

7.Apply Data View to Visualize More Fabric Data