Viewing Plugin Execution Status and Logs

After executing a plugin, you can view the execution status and logs.

Plugin Execution Status

Plugin Execution Logs

Viewing Plugin Execution Status

As an additional operation of a scheduled task, the status of a plugin impacts that of the scheduled task as a whole.

Impact to Scheduled Plugin Status:

Plugin  Status

Scheduled Plugin Status

(All Plugins) Succeeded


(All Plugins) Failed


(Some Plugins) Succeeded

Succeeded with warning

Impact to Benchmark or Discovery Status:

Plugin Status

Benchmark/Discovery Status

(All/Some Plugins) Failed

Succeeded with warning (if the left modules of the benchmark/discovery succeeded.)

(All Plugins) Succeeded

Depend on the status of other modules

Viewing Plugin Execution Logs

Proceed with the steps below to view the execution logs of a plugin in a scheduled task:

Note: The printed execution logs of a plugin depend on the log definition in your plugin script.

Example: View the plugin logs in a benchmark task.

1.On the Domain Management page, click Operations > Schedule Task.

2.On the Schedule Discovery/Benchmark tab, right-click a benchmark task and select View Log.

3.In the View Log pane, click the icon in the Log column.

4.View the plugin logs in the Plugin Log pane.