The essence of visual parser is using a NetBrain-specific similar grammar to quickly turn device CLI command output or configuration file text into programable variables and enable “What you see is what you can program” without coding. It enables network engineer who is familiar with the visual parsing grammar to parse configuration file and CLI command output for most automation problem resolutions and achieve no-code automation that can be done by every network engineer.

GUI and Definition Flow of Visual Parser

The graphic user interface of visual parser editor consists of 6 areas. Take the definition of paragraph parser for example:

The general flow of visual parser definition is as follows:

1.Define parser basic information in Area1.

2.Define parser qualification in Area2.

3.Select a data source and retrieve sample text from command output or device configuration in Area3. The retrieved sample text of command output of device configuration displayed in Area4.

4.Select a parser group to add and select the input box of the target line in Area5.

5.Select a line of text where the target variable resides in Area4 and click the arrow () to duplicate it to the selected line in Area6.

6.Edit line patterns to define variables in Area5 and preview the parsed result in Area7.