The system allows you to define the following four types of parsers or parser group to parse variables. For each type of parser group, a set of parser rules work together to define how variables are extracted from raw text. With valid rules, the output of the parser will be highlighted instantly inside the input text.

Text Parser

Text parser can match specified lines of text. See Define a Text Parser for more details.

Simple Variable Parser

Simple variable parser can parse a single-value variable, such as version number, etc., by anchoring keywords before and after the variable. See Define a Simple Variable Parser for more details.

Paragraph Parser

Paragraph parser can parse variables in recurring paragraphs, such as collisions and CRC errors for interfaces, etc., by anchoring paragraph identifier (ID) lines. See Define a Paragraph Parser for more details.

Table Parser

Table parser can parse table-formatted text, such as NDP table, VRF table, etc. See Define a Table Parser for more details.