Alerts generated during any on-demand/scheduled Qapp/Gapp execution or dashboard can be timely shared with more relevant users via system notification, or email, or both.

By default, only authors/modifiers (for scheduled Qapp/Gapp) or executors (for on-demand Qapp/Gapp and dashboard) can receive alerts. Meanwhile, the system provides both Basic Settings and Advanced Settings for sharing Qapp/Gapp alerts.

Basic Settings for Sharing Qapp/Gapp Alerts

You can configure the following settings when you schedule or on-demand run a Qapp/Gapp.


Alert Settings for On-Demand Execution of Qapp/Gapp                        Alert Settings for Scheduled Qapp/Gapp



Share Alert with

Enter a username and then select the matched user account from the drop-down list.

Send Email to

Enter at least an email address.

Note: Multiple email addresses must be separated with a semicolon.

Send Email for

Select the alert level (error, warning, or both) to share.

Run Mode
(only for on-demand Qapp/Gapp)

Production — only show alerts only in the Output Console, including both error and warning messages.

Debug — show all events in the Output Console, including error, warning, information and system messages.

Advanced Settings for Emailing Qapp/Gapp Alerts

To avoid excessive and distracting email alerts, you can customize advanced settings for email alerts in Domain Management > Operations> Domain Settings >Advanced Settings > Configure Alert Email for Qapp. See Advanced Settings for more details.