Sharing Golden Baseline Alerts

Alerts for Golden Baseline anomalies can be timely shared with more relevant users via system alerts, or email alerts, or both.

Example1: System Alerts

Example2: Email Alerts

By default, only authors/modifiers (for scheduled Data View Template) or executors who apply/run a Data View Template can receive Golden Baseline alerts. Meanwhile, the system provides Alert Settings for sharing these Golden Baseline alerts.

Settings for Sharing Golden Baseline Alerts

You can configure the following alert settings when you apply a data view template to a map, run a data view template through a runbook, or schedule a data view template task.


Alert Settings for Data View Template Monitoring                Alert Settings for Scheduled Data View Template Task



Share Alert with

Enter a username and then select the matched user account from the drop-down list.

Send Email to

Enter at least an email address.

Note: Multiple email addresses must be separated with a semicolon.

Duplicate an alert in emails when alert count increases by
(only for regular monitoring Data View Template)

The delta threshold (defaults to 7) controls when the system will email an alert again if it is repetitively recurring and increasingly reaches the value.


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