Executing a Network Intent from a Map

As an automation object, an NI can be run directly from a map, as a runbook node, or automatically triggered to run in the backend as part of the adaptive monitoring process. At the time of execution:

Retrieve the live data for the pre-defined configuration file and CLI command.

Update the Configlet, and CLI commands based on the live data.

Update the variables based on the live data.

Re-evaluate the diagnosis logic and update the diagnosis note and status code.

When you open a map, you can browse all Network Intents related to this map's devices in the NI pane. Open an NI to view the design and diagnosis note, and run this NI to verify current intent status.

1.Open a map, and the related NIs are displayed.

2.Click an NI name and click Run Live.

3.In the NI result window, review the execution time, the alerts, if any, and the variables displayed.

Example: The main information of NI result in NI detail pane.