The Plugin function aims to correct or fix up the inaccurate data and topology model calculated by the system. A Plugin is essentially a set of Python scripts that can be executed in the system for data acquisition, update, and revision.

Use Case

A plugin can be used to resolve the following main use cases:

Complete the Underlying Data of Your NetBrain System

    By using plugins, you can import the existing data from other systems based on APIs, such as import config, import CLI and import end systems.

Correct and Complement the Data to Calculate Topology

    By using plugins, you can correct and complement the data used to calculate topology, such as NDP/MAC/ARP tables, when the corresponding data retrieved via NetBrain drivers is incomplete or not correct.

Manage and Operate System Underlying Data Model in Batch

    By using plugins, you can manage and operate underlying system data in batch, such as moving duplicate IP to a different zone, creating sites/device groups and assigning devices and device host changes.


Use Flow

The following describes a general flow to use the Plugin function:

1.Define plugins.

2.Execute plugins.

3.View plugin results and logs.