Variable is the most fundamental element of visual parser, the value of which is visual parser aiming to parse.

The following table introduces the available data types of parser variables and their formats. The general format is $variable_type:variable_name (exception: Enumeration).

Variable Type


Variable Format


Match any single word.
Note: Space characters cannot be applied to a string-type variable.

$string:var1 or


Match one or multiple words.
Note: A multi-string variable cannot be followed by another multi-string variable.



Match any whole number.



Match any double-precision IEEE 64-bit (8-byte) floating-point number.

$float:var4 or $double:var4


A variable with possible value options “true”, “false”, 1 or 0.
Note: Both "true" and "false" are case-insensitive.



Match one of the listed options of a variable.
Note: Only the listed values can be successfully parsed.



A placeholder for an uninterested variable that will not be parsed.


Note: A variable name can only contain letters, numbers, and underlines, and can only start with a letter or underline.

Note: The variable types (Multi-string and Enumeration) are variants of string-type variables and will be treated as a string in further automation.

Tip: NetBrain provides built-in functions to support the definition of compound variables. Refer to the Appendix for more details.