Applying Data View to Visualize More vCenter Data

After discovering your vCenter network, you can visualize the network data on a map, such as topology and IP address. Besides, you can apply a data view template to visualize more information on the map.

Example: Apply a built-in data view template Operation View to visualize rich fabric data:

1.In the Network pane, select a cluster under the EXSi > Hosts and Clusters view.

2.Point to a context map, and click Open Map.

3.Double-click Operation View [vCenter] in the Data View pane to apply it to the map.

Note: Proper configuration of Benchmark is required to use built-in data views. Refer to Auto-Updating vCenter Data in NetBrain through Benchmark for more information.

Tip: Besides using the built-in data view templates for VMware networks, you can create a data view template based on your needs. See Creating a Data View Template for details.