Intelligent Network Documentation

Visualize Infrastructure at a Glance and in Real-Time

Understanding your digital infrastructure in great detail and in real-time is the essential yet often missing element of any operational best practice. Up to date network documentation which reveals all of the configuration and context surround each component is a pre-requisite when solving network performance issues and service degradations of many types. NetBrain solves this dilemma by providing automated documentation that’s always up to date and contextual to your specific problem or needs. It is powered by NetBrain’s powerful discovery and adaptive monitoring engines, along with an object-oriented data model engine to assure accuracy at every point in time. NetBrain’s automated documentation capabilities form the basis for all of the intelligent automation capabilities found throughout the NetBrain system.

Discover Your End-to-End Network

NetBrain automatically creates a digital twin of your entire network which spans any combination of traditional components, software-defined and public clouds. NetBrain enables you to map out complex physical and logical topologies and geographically distributed sites. With NetBrain, any network can be decoded to manage infrastructure performance issues based upon routing design (BGP, OSPF, etc.), STP status, multicast or QoS policies, firewall rules, and more – regardless of the complexity of the infrastructure.


Address Application Performance

When troubleshooting application performance problems, there’s no need to spend hours researching and gathering the documentation of the infrastructure involved, only to find that it is inaccurate and outdated. With NetBrain, critical application paths (webserver to database server . . . database server to web server, etc.) are identified in great detail and real-time based on the continuously discovered network information available. All your business app paths are documented automatically, based upon the same data that is used by all of the other performance, compliance, and configuration management modules within NetBrain.

02 Quickly Document Thousands of Applications End-to-End

Make Knowledge Executable

As digital infrastructures scale, your subject matter experts become fewer and farther apart relative to the size of the task at hand. NetBrain enables their collective knowledge to be captured and turned into executable automation, without the need for programming of any type. The result is a knowledge set that grows over time and migrates from contained within the heads of your SME to populate a growing and actionable automation-based knowledge base. This executable knowledge base enables operational staff of many calibers to solve problems as if they were the subject matter experts themselves.

Collaboration, Online or Offline

NetBrain Automation makes collaboration easy. By enabling diverse operational teams to work on specific problems in real-time using real-time documentation of the infrastructure, incident times are reduced. And with the ability to generate auditable documentation in any major format, service impacts and restoration history can be preserved for a systemic understanding of higher-order and architectural issues that may exist.

04 Quickly Share Maps for Compliance or Reporting