Datacenter Network Management

Visibility, Automation and Network Intent

Datacenter network management requires comprehensive visibility and the ability to see and interact with hybrid networks on one screen. NetBrain provides this needed complete visibility and management (including no-code automation) for datacenter networks. By leveraging our patented digital twin discovery and data technologies, NetBrain enables collaborative operational teams to assure datacenter networks are delivering the desired levels of performance for the specific applications being hosted within the data center. With NetBrain, network operators ensure that their IT business services are available with little or no unplanned downtime, that the desired applications performance is achieved, and that security and compliance across the most complex of digital infrastructures is understood and documented.

Global Datacenter Networking

NetBrain delivers visibility, automation, and performance management across the entire hybrid network regardless of where each end exists. NetBrain normalizes all connectivity and provides that single-pane of glass, in its visual management console. This console approach allows visibility to areas of concern, as well as the automation of SME knowledge which has been captured and shared previously. By leveraging NetBrain, datacenter network operators participate in problem-solving and can reduce the incident/remediation times by half or more.

Control Your Global Datacenter Network as One Network

Multi-Datacenter Infrastructures

Multi-datacenter designs combine a variety of architectures, technologies, and vendor solutions. Historically there had to be teams of operators for each technology domain, and hand-offs were an every day challenge. NetBrain changes all of that, by using our patented digital twin technology to duplicate your entire infrastructure in real-time, with continula updates. NetBrain has built-in support for datacenter LAN switching, software-defined networks, clouds, network virtualization, and application delivery controllers, such as those from Cisco.

Manage Multi-Datacenter Infrastructures with Ease

Operate Remote Infrastructures

Traditionally, visibility is limited and there is little if any transportable knowledge specific to the various incidents that may occur. NetBrain Automation is a library of knowledge (created without coding) and the technology to make that knowledge executable. With NetBrain, a single pane of glass provides end-to-end visibility of your multi-site and globally dispersed sites. NetBrain enables teams to reduce ticket times dramatically, as it provides the needed visibility, automation, knowledge sharing, and triggered diagnostics to make your operational teams the most productive they can be isolating and remediating network problems in minutes rather than hours or longer.

Operate Remote Infrastructures with Confidence

Integrated Automation

With NetBrain, no longer is network automation a project-oriented, budget-intensive, developer-based engineering challenge. NetBrain makes network automation approachable and leverageable by everyone in your organization. NetBrain enables you to capture your subject matter experts’ knowledge and make it automatically executable. NetBrain’s robust built-in datacenter management capabilities are further enhanced by out-of-the-box integrations with GitHub, AWS, Datadog, ServiceNow, Ansible, Splunk, and many more. NetBrain allows you to focus on the harder parts of problem-solving while providing complete automation of the discovery, diagnostic, and triage portions of incident response.

Integrate Automation with Your Datacenter Ecosystem

Ensure Application Performance

Datacenters have a unique characteristic of moving information amongst many micro-services and container-oriented applications with the datacenter. Managing East-West traffic requires observability from top of the rack to edge along with an understanding of the performance intents of the applications architects. By providing end-to-end visibility and network intent validation, your teams can ensure that the design goals are being achieved, or take remediation steps when results are not as expected. With NetBrain, the assessment and assurance that designers’ intents are being realized is an automated process, occurring continually, and pro-actively supporting the business.

Ensure Application Performance Across Hybrid Infrastructures