Collaborative Network Operations

Collaborating to solve network problems

When it comes to quickly solving IT service delivery issues, the Network Operations teams must leverage the knowledge of their most capable subject-matter experts, along with collaborate with the SMEs for all of the other related operational teams, including the NetOps, DevOps, AIOps and SecOps teams. NetBrain incident collaboration makes it easy to utilize previous problem resolutions as well as bring all of the necessary players together, thus eliminating hand-off and escalations.

Troubleshoot as a Team

Resolve issues faster by eliminating duplication of effort, time delays, and streamlining hand-off during escalation. Eliminate finger-pointing by giving every operations team — SecOps, ServerOps, Devops — real-time visibility into what’s going on. NetBrain’s Dynamic Map-based visual management console is a collaborative platform for end-to-end infrastructure management which enables all teams to see the issues in real-time, discuss the best plan of action, test various scenarios, and agree on committed resolutions, interactively. NetBrain enables everyone to work together and restore IT service delivery quickly.

04 Quickly Share Maps for Compliance or Reporting

Eliminating Hand-offs

As infrastructures have grown and extended to software-defined LAN, WAN and cloud-services platforms, the subject-matter experts needed to support these structures have become less available. NetBrain automation enables all of these SMEs to share their expertise with their peers and make it executable. And as the various stakeholders involved in problem resolution become involved, NetBrain extends the visual management console to each of them, in real-time. No longer do escalations and hand-offs require the delays associated with bringing experts together.  NetBrain collaboration brings all of the needed SMEs together in real-time.

Make Informed Changes

NetBrain’s real-time collaboration visual management console enables diverse operational team members to resolve problems and apply automation in real-time, while collectively observing the results. NetBrain’s change management approach makes it possible to review, approve, implement and verify changes all in one place. And NetBrain’s Intent-Base Automation enables these operational teams to document change and verify that the application designer’s network performance intentions are respected during the change management process.

03 Collaborate Before, During and After Making Changes