White Paper

Effective Strategies for Automating Network Assessments

Network assessments can be a minefield for enterprise IT departments. If an assessment is conducted using internal resources, there’s a high risk that uncovered issues won’t be exposed due to bias. When an external consultant provides an assessment, the issues of cost, time, and access nearly always arise. So how can you ensure that you get what you need in an unbiased, timely, and cost effective manner?

In this white paper we will discuss how to conduct enterprise network assessments and how the assessment process can be made less disruptive, time-consuming and more accurate through automation.


This white paper will teach you:

  • How to overcome the most common challenges of network assessments.
  • How will you benefit from automating network assessments?
  • Why are network assessments so important to your organization?

You will also learn how British Telecom has saved over $1M using NetBrain to automate network assessments.