Democratizing Network Automation: What’s New in NetBrain 8.0

NetBrain® 8.0 is a milestone release with many technology enhancements and a collaboration-focused interface designed to enable network automation to be utilized by anyone, at any time, for any workflow.

Key Takeaways:

  • Platform overhaul with Dynamic Map 2.0 to provide streamlined, collaboration-driven network automation capabilities
  • More network intelligence with actionable insights, contextual network data analytics, and recommended drill-down actions.
  • AI-powered Golden Baseline to proactively document your healthy network reference standard and notify on deviations.
  • Utilize the new Knowledge Cloud to deliver even more dynamic capabilities.
  • Map and monitor critical application dependencies with Application Assurance.
  • Automation platform expansion with Ansible Integration.
  • New technology support, enhanced SDN capabilities and more!

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