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Troubleshooting Automation with NetBrain

In this recorded webinar we will outline how CLI-based network troubleshooting is impractical due to the scale and complexity of today’s networks. We will review a better method with Troubleshooting Automation — triggered the instant a ticket is generated, enriched with historical baselines and your experts’ know-how.

Key Takeaways:

  • Map the crime scene and run pre-defined diagnostics the moment an incident occurs
  • Provide historical data to determine what has changed
  • Provide a baseline to identify the normal state of the network
  • Help shift workloads to the left by augmenting the first response with recommended actions
  • Coordinate escalation to avoid duplication of efforts
  • Quickly and safely execute root cause fixes
  • Capture lessons learned and make them executable should a similar problem occur again
  • Provide a methodology and framework for reducing MTTR

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