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Dynamic Network Documentation with v8.0

This presentation will outline how manual network documentation processes are impractical due to the scale and constantly evolving nature of today’s networks. In our presentation, we will see a better method with Dynamic Documentation — made the moment it is needed, customized for each task, always up to date, populated with unlimited information, and taking only seconds to create.

Key takeaways:

  • Map an application path and keep track of changes
  • Create hundreds of site maps, and keep them updated automatically
  • Document dynamic technologies like SDN or multicasting
  • Search any network data and create a related map instantly
  • Document the network’s baseline across hundreds of parameters
  • Document network know-how via Executable Runbooks
  • Automatically document troubleshooting activities
  • Document network changes and upgrade processes automatically
  • Document IT data from disparate tools via Dynamic Map

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