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Automating Incident Response With NetBrain (Podcast)

Podcast: Download (45.6MB)

Is network automation just provisioning of equipment?

That’s what most of us think of, but there’s more to the story. Anything within the scope of networking where we can reduce manual process falls under the umbrella of automation.

Our sponsor today is NetBrain, and we’re going to discuss network automation from the standpoint of fixing problems–how a tool that deeply understands network topology can help you get to the bottom of a ticket without you having to query interfaces device by device while you troubleshoot.

Joining us from NetBrain are Jason Baudreau, VP of Marketing and Chris Villemez, Sr. Technical Marketing Engineer.

We discuss:

  • NetBrain’s roots in dynamic network mapping as an alternative to static diagrams
  • The role of dynamic mapping in automation, SDN, and cloud
  • How NetBrian builds a model of the network
  • Tying the network map to incident response to reduce Mean Time To Identify (MTTI)
  • How MTTI ties in to and speeds MTTR
  • Customer use cases
  • More

via: PacketPushers Podcast – Heavy Networking 501: Automating Incident Response With NetBrain (Sponsored)

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