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Next Session: Setup & Discovery

This 60-minute class reviews the steps to setup the NetBrain system and how to use NetBrain to discover a live network and make the shared Workspace ready for all users to use.

Level: Administrator Live Date: Price: Free
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We strongly recommend that you take the live training sessions so you can ask questions and do class exercises with us. If you cannot join the live sessions, class recordings are available upon request. Please send your requests and questions to

We will use NetBrain’s Training Lab to perform class exercises. If you have NetBrain Enterprise Edition (EE) installed on your PC with a valid Training license, no action is required.

Don’t have a valid Training Lab license?

Accelerate your NetBrain learning with hands-on education

Accelerate your skills with our free training sessions that you can attend at your desk. Each NetBrain training class features a live instructor and most offer a lab environment with interactive exercises. These courses teach you how to use and apply the core functions of NetBrain Enterprise Edition (EE) Workstation. While these sessions are geared for Enterprise Edition, most features are applicable across all NetBrain products. We offer a range of classes for all users.

  • End User: This group of 5 courses review NetBrain automation basics and how to apply them to various day-to-day network management tasks.
  • Power User: These 3 courses take basic users to experts. Build Qapps to customize mapping, troubleshooting and analysis tasks without scripting.
  • Administrator: We offer 2 courses that review NetBrain environment setup and workspace management for system managers.