Defendable Change Management Automation

Make network changes without fear of unintended service disruptions.

Solution Brief

Preventing Network Outages

Intent-based automation (IBA) allows network operations teams to prevent network problems, 50% of which are preventable, by providing automated enforcement of rules and best practices.

Solution Brief

NetBrain Problem Diagnosis Automation Business Value

NetBrain’s Problem Diagnosis Automation System (PDAS) is the industry’s only no-code network operations platform specifically designed to address the cost structure of Day-2 operations at scale.


Top 10 Network Automation Use Cases

NetBrain’s Problem Diagnosis Automation System helps enterprises tackle the hundreds of NetOps tasks you face every day.

Solution Brief

Self-Service Automation

Extend NetBrain Automation to all levels of your support organization directly from ITSM, Microsoft Teams, or email with Self-Service!

Solution Brief

Reducing the Cost of NetOps

NetBrain focuses on the delivery of IT services over the lifespan of your network (Day 2), not only the health of the underlying equipment.


Getting the Big Picture, Hybrid Network Visualization for the Cloud

Learn how NetBrain enables you to easily maintain design compliance and verify service delivery across public clouds.


NetBrain Security Automation

See how NetBrain Manages security design intents to assure comprehensive protection.


Introducing NetBrain Release 11: Preventing Network Outages

NetBrain's Problem Diagnostic Automation System Release 11 helps your organization prevent network outages over your hybrid infrastructure’s lifespan.

Introducing NetBrain Release 11: Preventing Network Outages