Uplevel Your Network ITSM and Monitoring Systems

NetBrain extends the value of your existing ITSM tools such as ServiceNow, BMC, and network data monitoring tools such as Splunk, ThousandEyes, and Datadog. It takes NetOps beyond alert handling by translating human troubleshooting knowledge into action through ITSM automation. Reduce ticket requests and MTTR by preventing problems from happening in the first place by enforcing intents. Accelerate root-cause diagnosis for 95% of all incidents and issues, and reduce ticket service duration by at least 50%, for most tickets.

NetBrain Next-Gen uses REST APIs to integrate with popular ITSM systems including ServiceNow and BMC. Avoid network outages with ITSM automation by running diagnosis for problems your network monitoring tools identify.

  • Bridge cloud, SDN, and SD-WAN visibility gaps in your hybrid network
  • Reduce manual tasks and MTTR through ITSM automation of diagnostic steps using ITSM data
  • Get context faster with real-time mapping of the devices and paths in your hybrid edge-to-cloud network
  • Eliminate hand-offs and escalations with real-time collaboration
  • Become more efficient with automation guidance
  • Extend the value of an ITSM product like ServiceNow by running intuitive diagnostics via intents
  • Prevent outages by continuously running intents proactively in the background
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Preventive Automation

About 50% of the network problems are due to misconfiguration and performance degradation which are preventable. With the understanding that application design intents directly support business objectives, NetBrain Next-Gen use Network Intents to define desired design outcomes and enforce rules and best practices across the hybrid network allowing for improved efficiency and productivity across organizations.

NetBrain Next-Gen detect device configuration changes and verify configuration drift.

  • Frees up resources by handing off proactive monitoring of network status and automated health checks to the system
  • Runs intents continuously in the background to look for changes in network conditions to catch problems before they impact users
  • Preserves application performance by ensuring new business services don’t impact existing business services
  • Prevents service impacts by alerting you to act by automatically generating tickets
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NetOps & ITSM Working Together

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